Radio8Ball rolls into 2017 with Viggo Mortensen, Veda Hille, Lisa Wilcox & The Hard Way


It seems I’m always working on several Radio8Ball Shows at once; editing the last one, deep in pre-production on the current episode, and keeping my eye out for the guest or venue for the next one. Luckily, synchronicity transcends time and space. It’s all now, man.

The simple act of asking a question, picking a song at random and exploring the connections between the two is more than just a quirky little concept for a game show. It’s calisthenics for a part of our minds that we must develop if we are to transcend the ignorance that keeps us separate and fumbling in the dark on the precipice of destruction. Synchronicity pierces the temporal illusion, illuminating the role each of us has to play in the evolution of consciousness. In times of peace and ease the exploration of sync is a joyful past time. In an age of rising fascism it is a precious connection to the electric and immutable truths that cannot be altered to fit a corrupt narrative. You can’t fake or program the sync and only a fool would try.


I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the edit of Episode 4 of R8B Season Zero, featuring Olympia’s The Hard Way and celebrity guest Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5). This event was part of the 2016 Olympia Sync Summit last August and I hope to begin releasing the first of 8 segments in mid February. It was a profound event that now seems like it happened in a very different world. The show features thoughtful questions from Nomy Lamm (Sins Invalid, The Transfused), Vince Ynzunza (Pacific Northweird) and other intrepid syncronauts who engaged the Pop Oracle for your pleasure and their own. For those who aren’t familiar with The Hard Way, this will be a perfect introduction to their vocal and instrumental virtuosity, and to the genius of their lead singer and songwriter Scott Taylor. Longtime fans of Radio8Ball will need no introduction to Scott who has been a regular contributor to the show as a guest on the radio show, the live stage production, and as a member of The Radio8Band. He also has several songs in our online oracle. The Hard Way’s performance at this show is, I’m told, the best document of them live onstage yet so if you’re a fan, this is going to be a real treat.


In the mean time we are gearing up for a very intimate Episode 5 with musical guest Veda Hille and celebrity guest Viggo Mortensen on Feb. 22, 2017. That’s Episode V with Viggo & Veda. Fun, right? Viggo, requires no introduction. His iconic roles are too many to mention. He’s up for an Oscar this year for his role in “Captain Fantastic”. See it! Veda, like Scott, is a veteran of many Radio8Ball shows and so should be familiar to our audience. If she isn’t she certainly will be after this show. This episode will be filmed in Apartment Eye with no audience but the cameras and crew. Aside from Viggo’s question and my own, the participants engaging The Pop Oracle will be individuals who have expressed the desire and willingness to go as deep as possible with their question and the interpretation. If you are going to be in Olympia, Washington on that date and wish to be a part of this show please reach out to me directly at theradio8ballshow-at-gmail-dot-com.

Season Zero – Episode Three
Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy
& David Ury

Filmed on September 23rd, 2015 at Obsidian in Olympia.
Released in June of 2016.

For this episode Andras Jones rejoins the show as host, bringing to an end the brief Andy Shmushkin experiment. It was fun while it lasted.

Chris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy returns to Radio8Ball backed by The Radio8Band featuring Scott Taylor and Skyler Blake (The Hard Way) and Chad Austinson (Chelan).

Our celebrity guest is Olympia’s own David Ury. David may not be as famous as some of our previous celebrities but you’ll probably recognize him if you watch movies and TV. That’s part of what makes a great character actor. They’re sneaky that way.

If you are following our evolution in Season Zero you may notice that we have expanded and deepened our focus to include the experiences of our guests and host in the wake of the event.

It’s a bumpy ride to say the least.

We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors Little General Food Shop, Last Word Books & Press, Oly Bungalows, Salon Refu, Hot Toddy, Druid’s Knook, Gravity Beer Market, Three Magnets Brewing Co., Olyphant Art & Media, Washington Center For The Performing Arts, Harlequin Productions, Capitol Florist, West Central Park Project, Olympia Federal Savings, Pizza Rocks, Symbiotic Cycles, Wisp Adornments, Fertile Ground Guesthouse, The Brotherhood Tavern & Sync Book Press.

R8B February 6th, 2016 with Anya Marina & Amber Nash, Sam Morill, Maya Kroth, and Michael Halloran

On February 6, 2016 Radio8Ball welcomed back Anya Marina as our musical guest, with questions from actress/producer Amber Nash (“Archer”, “Hart of America”), comedian Sam Morill, journalist Maya Kroth and legendary broadcaster Michael Halloran.

Anya was in town in support of her new CD, “Paper Plane” and Andras was, once again, in dire need of The Pop Oracle’s council. As soulful and spooky as it was, there were a ton of laughs, which is a lot, since laughs are the least heavy thing on the planet.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from February 15th, 2008 with Abra Moore

As part of Radio8Ball’s collaboration with Sarathan Records we welcomed one of their favorite artists, Abra Moore, to engage The Pop Oracle with our listeners. As is so often the case when we don’t pick the artist they were way more than we could have hoped or imagined.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from January 25th, 2008 with Jonathan Kochmer of Two Loons For Tea

In January of 2008, Jonathan Kochmer was half of the band Two Loons For Tea and the owner and operator of Sarathan Records, our sponsor for the month of February. To kick off this collaboration we were all set to have Two Loons For Tea as our guests live in the studio but at the last minute Sarah Scott, the other half of the band, came up ill with a nasty bug so it was Jonathan and their tracks and IT WAS GREAT! Of course, Sarah was missed but it was good to go deep with Mr. Kochmer, or as he was once known “Little Johnny Nightmare”.


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Olympia Sync Summit 2016 Announced!

The Sync Summit returns to Olympia in August of 2016 starting with an exciting month long IndieGoGo campaign through the month of January coinciding with the release of all the footage from the 2014 Olympia Sync Summit.

In August of 2014 Sync Book Press hosted the first Olympia Sync Summit. The event featured; A Radio8Ball Show hosted by Andy Shmushkin with music from Peter David Connelly of The Mona Reels and a Skype-In question from Mark Hosler of Negativland; A tour of The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia led by Andras Jones (Accidental Initiations); & presentations from Rodney Ascher (Room 237), Joe Alexander (Back To The Future predicts 911), Ezra Sandzer-Bell (Astro Musik), Marty Leeds (Pi and The English Alphabet), Scott Onstott (Secrets In Plain Sight), Swami Anantananda Giri (The Yogic Gospel of Thomas), James Evan Pilato (Media Monarchy), David Plate (Always Record), Will Morgan (42 Minutes) & Alan Abbadessa-Green (Sync Book Press). As great as the presentations were the Sync Summit was way more than the sum of its parts. The connections we shared and the projects inspired are still resonating in the Sync community.

The entire event was filmed and is now available at


The time has come to prepare for the next Sync Summit. There are many details yet to be set but this is what we know…

– The Sync Summit will kick off on August 18th with full moon walk of The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia.

– On the evening of August 19th there will be a Radio8Ball Show hosted by Andras Jones with guests to be announced.

– As opposed to presentations, this Sync Summit will focus on moderated conversations on a wide range of Sync topics led by luminaries from the Sync community.

– Like last time, presenters and guests will be housed at Fertile Ground and their associated facilities, a beautiful, bountiful little bit of paradise on the edge of downtown Oly built around a community garden that provides the materials for the breakfasts we will share each morning.

The rest really depends on the success of the IndieGoGo campaign and ticket pre-sale that is running through the end of January. It’s basically a ticket pre-sale (with some other sweet perks for those who want to support it but may not be able to attend).

The thing about a Sync event is that every attendee is crucial to the fabric of what we will create, and that means you. Do you feel the call? If you do, we want you to be there.

Season Zero – Episode Two
Live from The 2014 Olympia Sync Summit
Peter David Connelly of The Mona Reels
& Mark Hosler of Negativland

This episode of Radio8Ball was filmed on August 8, 2014 at Rhythm & Rye in Olympia as the opening event of the 2014 Olympia Sync Summit. Andy Shmushkin hosted the show. The musical guest was Peter David Connelly of the Olympia band The Mona Reels backed by The Radio8Band. The celebrity guest who asked the final question was Mark Hosler of Negativland, a groundbreaking media activist group Will Morgan explored in his sync film collaboration with Bodie Doggins. Ezra Sandzer Bell, the creator of Tone Color Alchemy gave an opening presentation, and the questions came from a rogue’s gallery of classic Olympians, as well as a couple of Sync Summiteers.

That was the event but this is a TV show, and with The Radio8Ball TV Show, the event is only the beginning.

Since 2013 Radio8Ball’s producer, Andras Jones, has been collaborating on the Synchronize podcast for Sync Book Radio with Alan Abbadessa-Green.

In the mean time, inspired by the Sync Central segments he produced for Radio8Ball – Season Zero – Episode One, Alan created Sync Quick News, a continuing short video series exploring the syncs of any given week that has become one of the most popular Sync vidcasts from

For Radio8Ball’s Season Zero – Episode Two, Alan’s Sync Quick News format becomes the new Sync Central, exploring the deeper context of the Radio8Ball event. Now here’s where it gets a little confusing.

The collaboration between Radio8Ball and Sync Quick News created not only Season Zero – Episode Two of The Radio8Ball TV Show but also Season Two of Synchronize for Sync Book Radio. What does this mean to you and your experience of the show? In the words of Edwin Starr, “Absolutely nothing! Say it again.”

And yet, if you find a potent sync in the branding gymnastics necessitated by our mining of synchronicity, honor and commerce, well, that’s why synchromystics show our work. The thing is not the thing unless it is. It’s the thing we make it and with Radio8Ball we are never done making. You’re doing it right now.

If you are ready for a long and twisty exploration of the music and synchronicities we explored the last Friday Michael Brown and Robin Williams were walking the Earth then this is your nightmare.

Enjoy the show.

Best of R8B on 1150AM from January 18th, 2008 with Alyse Black

2008 begins with Alyse Black, a jazz singer-songwriter who grew up and honed her craft in Seattle. At the time of this show, Alyse was on the verge of heading south to Austin, Texas where she has since made something of a name for herself. Like all engagements with The Pop Oracle this episode reveals more upon re-listening than it initially did at the time.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from December 14th, 2007 with Eastern Sunz & Kimberlee Auerbach

Seattle hip-hop artists Eastern Sunz joined hos Andras Jones and author Kimberlee Auerbach for deep and jovial exploration of, among other topics, “Black Snake Moan” and FOX News (where Kimberlee once worked).


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from December 7th, 2007 with Veronica Monet & Andrea Wittgens

For this episode we welcome back two of our favorite guests, singer-songwriter Andrea Wittgens and noted sexologist Veronica Monet. This was their first time together on the show and  we got some very juicy synchronicities out of it.

R8B_Wittgens, Andrea

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from October 18th, 2007 with Hans York, Eden Sky & Veronica Monet

On October 18th, 2007 (the day Joey Bishop died) our musical guest was Hans York whose songs were the oracle fodder for questions from two very wise and powerful women who have made several appearances on Radio8Ball but never together before this. Eden Sky is a natural time visionary and Veronica Monet is an author, activist and historian who was in Seattle to discuss the history of sacred prostitution. Their conversation went deep fast and stayed there.

Follow the bubbles.

 veronica monetVeronica Monet

Eden Sky with Mr. Synchronicity

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from October 4th, 2007 with Andrea Wittgens & Rae Dawn Chong

Singer-songwriter Andrea Wittgens & film artist Rae Dawn Chong are two of Radio8Ball’s favorite guests.

These two powerful women came together on this October afternoon for a deep and rich hit of The Pop Oracle’s wisdom.

It’s one of the really good ones.

R8B_Wittgens, Andrea
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Best of R8B on 1150AM from September 27th, 2007 with Sandman:The Rappin’ Cowboy & Paul Addis

Chris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy is a long time friend of the show. Paul Addis was a prankster provocateur who was accused of prematurely burning down the man at Burning Man 2007. Sandman showed up at the station with a camera crew. Paul showed up, in the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson, with some very real looking guns. It was a weird show.

Paul threw himself under a BART train in San Francisco in October of 2012. Sandman, as of this posting, is still with us.

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from September 13th, 2007 with musical guest Jon Auer

Jon Auer of The Posies returned to Radio8Ball on September 13, 2007 for a series of questions from some of our favorite guests from other shows, including songwriters Scott Taylor, Willie Wisely, Mike Ruekberg, and Robyn Lynn Thoren. Willie, Mike and Robyn are all from Minneapolis and you’ll notice a Minnesotan theme running through this show. Funny how that works.

Here’s the setlist:

1. Lady Sweet
2. Dream All Day
3. Four Letter Word
4. Swinging Party
5. Wicked World

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Paul Plagens on R8B on KAOS – A Tribute

R8B_Plagens, Paul

Paul Plagens (1965 to 2015)
was a guest on Radio8Ball on KAOS twice.

October 25th, 2005


January 24th, 2006

Dear Paul,

I’ve known you since we were in our early 20’s. You were dating one of my best friends when I met you. We all went out to lunch in West LA. I don’t know if we liked each other then. We didn’t really get to know each other until you moved to Olympia to get clean. You could be such a dick, but then so could I, so we became friends. We shared that LA connection. We both got our chances to own that town, and we both made choices that led us elsewhere. Being almost famous was a bond we shared that few in Olympia could understand. That was a tough time. You had your issues with health and sobriety.  I was newly divorced and just beginning to feel the sting of Olympia’s reactionary intolerance. It was an important time to have a friend and you were one of my closest. I loved your wicked sense of humor and your dark, sad, beautiful songs, and when you and Scott Taylor​ hooked up as musical partners it felt like a perfect pop marriage. I had you both on Radio8Ball several times although I’m not sure if you ever played it together. Your connection to Rusty from McCartney’s band was the reason Scott and I got to meet him. What a great gift to be able to give your friends. Damn, I could go on and on.

Here’s the memory I’ll leave off with.

We were at the open mike at The Tequila Bar on Oly’s westside and you said you thought Prince was overrated. I gave you a look that you thought was arrogant and dismissive and it was (I still think it’s a dumb thing to say). I swear, we almost came to blows over it, and neither of us is a fighter. Arguers, yes, but it got seriously heated and I think we went for a couple of months without speaking after that. What I remember most is how you eventually called me because you said we needed to work it out. We argued and negotiated on the phone for at least two hours that night and at the end we still didn’t agree but we understood each other and what was absolutely clear was that we really loved each other, enough to fight it out to a resolution.

Word on the street is you died last night, on August 7th. I know what we’d talk about tonight if we could. You’d want to know how we’re going to make you a rock star now that you’re gone. We’d joke about how even dying isn’t enough to get your music heard anymore, and then I’d get serious with you and look into your eyes and promise you that I will do everything in my Radio8Power to capitalize on your death and the tracks you left us with, and yes, I will be a total dick about it.

I really hope your last ride in your body was a good one. I’ll see you on the other side.

Presently Yours,
Andras fucking Jones

Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 19th, 2007 with Jenny Jenkins & Michael Zapruder of

On July 19th, 2007 longtime friend of the show Jenny Jenkins was our musical guest. We were also joined by musician and Pandora founder Michael Zapruder  for a discussion of the legalities of internet broadcasting.

It’s kind of amazing that 7 years ago Pandora was considered an indie.

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 12th, 2007 with Central Services, Dino Stamatopoulos & Andy Dick

On July 12th, 2007  Central Services were the musical guests on Radio8Ball. Andy Dick (News Radio, The Ben Stiller Show) was scheduled to be the musical guest but we couldn’t reach him, so at the last minute we invited his old comedy partner (and friend of the show) Dino Stamatopoulos (Community, Moral Orel) to fill in for him, and we had a great time. Andy did eventually show up and it’s always fun to hear the two of them riff.


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Sandman headlines R8B in September…with 8 new sponsors

R8B-Owl Front_OBSIDIAN-small for web
The next live taping of The Radio8Ball Show will be on September 23rd at Obsidian in Olympia with Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy as our musical guest. He will be backed by The Radio8Band (featuring Scott Taylor & Chad Austinson).

We are very excited to announce or second 8 of 32 sponsors for the show. Joining our first 8 (Little General Food Shop, Last Word Books & Press, Oly Bungalows, Salon Refu, Hot Toddy, Druid’s Nook, Gravity Beer Market & Three Magnets Brewing Co.) will be…

09-OlyphantOlyphant Art Supplies is downtown Olympia’s premier art supplier with a new location 119 5th Ave SE.

TheCenterLogo-web-resEveryone knows The Washington Center For The Performing Arts is Olympia’s finest venue for traveling shows and performances.

11-Harlequin_logo_tileHarlequin Productions presents stimulating and enriching theatrical experiences by producing an eclectic season of new works, “buried treasures” and unconventional treatments of classics year-round.

12-Capitol FloristsCapitol Florist has been a fixture of downtown Olympia for decades providing exceptional floral design available for delivery throughout Thurston County.

WestCentralParkProjectThe West Central Park Project is an exciting new development at the corner of Harrison & Division; a pedestrian park envisioned as a community art space and garden.

14-OlympiaFederalSavingsLogo300x219Olympia Federal Savings is a financial institution that has been serving the good people of Olympia, and supporting art projects like our, since 1906.

15-PizzaRocksPizza Rocks is a festival vendor specializing in stone-fired pizza and precious crystal stones.

16-Symbiotic CyclesSymbiotic Cycles is an Aquaponics design, installation, and consultation company working to bring renewable and accessible food production systems to the forefront of food security and community building.


There are only 16 sponsorship spots left and they are going fast. If you have a business or project that would benefit from promotion and networking please contact the production using the contact form on this website.

Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 5th, 2007 with Essie Jane & Daniel Pinchbeck

On July 5th, 2007  songwriter Essie Jane and author Daniel Pinchbeck join Andras Jones for Radio8Ball on Alternative Talk 1150AM.

This was just our second episode on the AM airwaves so it was nice to have a couple of veterans from the KAOS show.

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from June 28, 2007 with Kym Tuvim & Rae Dawn Chong

This is the first broadcast of Radio8Ball on Alternative Talk 1150 AM.

Having already spent 9 years on the air at KAOS in Olympia, Andras Jones added  a second weekly  R8B broadcast in Seattle on June 28th, 2007.

This version of The Pop Oracle featured more guests, a tighter schedule, and a divination format where the musical guests would often call in and assist in the interpretation of their recorded songs, as opposed to appearing live as they always did on KAOS. The songs were placed on a CD and the person asking the question would pick a number between 1 and 8, after which that numbered song on the CD would be played.

The show still featured live guests and this first one had  singer-songwriter Kym Tuvim in the studio, and a call-in from regular Radio8Ball contributor, Rae Dawn Chong.

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JIMMY WEBB on Radio8Ball: February 02, 2015 with Lisa Jenio, Chris “Sandman” Sand & Julie Christensen

We have a brand new Radio8Ball broadcast featuring songwriting great Jimmy Webb.



Jimmy was on his way to Seattle to perform at Jazz Alley and agreed to join us for an hour of musical divination. Our first new radio show in over a year. At first Jimmy was skeptical of the format but he quickly warmed to it and the stories began to flow. Harry Nilsson, Carole Kaye, Johnny Cash, Richard Harris, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Linda Rondstadt. Jimmy’s worked and played with all of ’em.

Listening back to this episode just a couple of days after recording it, there are so many wonderful syncs that never get mentioned on the show.

I am tempted to share them here. Instead I’ll just give you some information that will help you contextualize it so you might catch my syncs, as well as your own.

Jimmy Webb’s birthday is August 15th.

In his book “Tunesmith”, Jimmy compares the writing of a song to the building of a house.

My mother’s name is Susan and my father’s name is Richard.

Julie Christensen’s first singing gig in LA was with Fred Tackett.

And here are the 8 songs in our Jimmy Webb Pop Oracle deck:

1. Sleepin’ In The Daytime (from “Words & Music” – 1970)
2. Paper Cup (by The 5th Dimension – 1967)
3. PF Sloan (from “Words & Music” – 1970)
4. Wichita Lineman (from “Ten Easy Pieces” – 1996)
5. Galveston (from “Letters” – 1971)
6. Just Like Marilyn (by Julie Christensen – 2004)
7. Highwayman (by Sandman w/Calvin Johnson, Giles O’Dell & Andras Jones – 2008)
8. Once Before I Die (from “Words & Music – 1970)

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Best Of Radio8Ball: ALLEN TOUSSAINT on May 30, 2011 with Lili Haydn, Derek Sheen, Dan Bern & Mike Viola

Allen Tousaint is one of the original rock and rollers. He was a writer and producer for Lee Dorsey, Bennie Spellman & Patti Labelle. His songs have been covered by The Who, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Robert Plant, Lowell George, Phish, The Band, The Doors, The Yardbirds, Robert Plant and many more.

Toussaint was coming to Seattle to perform at Jazz Alley and we were lucky enough to get him to appear as our musical guest on Radio8Ball. We were blown away to get this rock and roll legend in cahoots with The Pop Oracle and invited some of our favorite artists to join in and ask their questions. They were, Lili Haydn, comedian Derek Sheen, Dan Bern & Mike Viola. Toussaint’s warmth and generosity of spirit, so evident in his music, was on full display as he assisted with the musical divinations and gave us a look behind the songs.

We hope you enjoy this Best of R8B on Alternative Talk 1150AM and consider supporting Radio8Ball by contributing to our PATREON campaign:

Best Of Radio8Ball on KAOS Podcast – February 8, 2005B

This Best of R8B on KAOS
is the 2nd hour from February 8, 2005
and features the music of…


and lots of calls from the great KAOS listeners.

Feel free to leave your own interpretations below.

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Best Of Radio8Ball on 1150AM Podcast – December 19, 2008 – Ethan Gold, Tig Notaro, Natasha Legerro & Rick Levine

Did The Pop Oracle predict Tig Notaro’s breast cancer?

It was the winter solstice of 2008. December 19th. Seattle was snowed in.

Ethan Gold was calling in from Los Angeles, and two of his friends were in the studio.

Comedians, Natasha Legerro and Tig Notaro were on tour and thus, happy to do a local radio appearance.

You be the judge if the Pop Oracle was trying to warn Tig about the battle with cancer that was on her horizon.

Astrologer Rick Levine brings his cosmic perspective to the proceedings.

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Jon Auer
“Gold Star For Robot Boy”
8 of Disks (Prudence)

75-8 of Disks

jon auer-radio8band
Jon Auer is, at this point in his career, a pop icon.

He is one half of the songwriting duo behind The Posies
(with Ken Stringfellow).

Jon’s been a member of the Radio8Band
(pictured above with Chad Austinson & Scott Taylor)
and Big Star.

He’s also been covered by a Beatle (Ringo Starr)

Here he covers Guided By Voices
to embody the Prudence of 8 of Disks.

Jon has been a regular guest on Radio8Ball
including Episode One of Season Zero
of the R8B TV show.

Please share your question and interpretation below.

Andras Jones
“A Serious Sincere Question”
10 of Wands (Oppression)

47-10 of Wands


Andras Jones brings the full force of the 10 of Wands to bear
in addressing an oppressive situation from Radio8Ball’s history

On February 14, 2006 Boston’s Jim’s Big Ego were the musical guest on Radio8Ball on KAOS 89.3 FM

This led to a collaboration between Andras Jones and Jim’s Big Ego
on a production called “The Ego & The Oracle”
featuring the Radio8Ball format of musical divination
with the music of Jim’s Big Ego.

The Ego & The Oracle
After successful productions in Cambridge, MA and Seattle, WA
Jim’s Big Ego decided to claim the entire production as their own
refusing to accurately credit Andras Jones or Radio8Ball,
a choice that inspired “A Serious Sincere Question”

To this day, Jim’s Big Ego continue to present The Ego & The Oracle
while refusing to honor their collaboration with Andras Jones.

Shame on them.

Please share your questions and interpretations below.

The Previous
“Get Normal”
2 of Wands (Dominion)

39-2 of Wands


The Previous engage the dynamic energy of the 2 of Wands with “Get Normal”,
a song that suggests a kind of mad balance in the maelstrom of consciousness.


From 1995’s “UnPop…”

Andras Jones – Guitar & Vocals
John Nason – Lead Guitar
Marshall Thompson – Keyboards
Brian Schey – Bass
Colin Mahoney – Drums

Please share your questions and interpretations below

“Olympia’s The Capitol of Rock & Roll”
The Magus


Chris “Sandman” Sand is Montana’s Rappin’ Cowboy .

He spent most of the 1990’s in Olympia, Washington where he released several CD’s and cassettes.

Sand and Andras Jones have collaborated on many projects, including a 2000 tour of the US and the band Beer Pressure.

Here, Sandman channels The Magus of this Pop Oracle with a song about the birthplace of Radio8Ball, with Andras Jones on backing vocals.

Please leave your question and interpretation below.

Josh Clayton-Felt
7 of Swords (Futility)

64-7 of Swords


Josh Clayton-Felt of the bands School Of Fish & The Boon embodies the spirit of Futility
with his song “Time”, written for the film “That Thing You Do”.
The song wasn’t used in the film
and in January 2000, Josh passed away, felled by cancer.

Josh is remembered fondly by those who loved him and his music.

Please share your questions and interpretations below.

Mary Lou Lord
“Throng Of Blowtown”
9 of Disks (Gain)

76-9 of Disks


“The Throng of Blowtown”
was Written and Performed by Mary Lou Lord
with Jon Brion performing on the track

she scares up the 9 of Disks,
and the concept of Gain.

Mary Lou Lord,
who released records for both Kill Rock Stars and WORK Records,
made her name transforming street corners
into concert halls where the money rains.

Mary Lou and Andras have shared a few street corners and stages
over the years.

Please share your question and interpretation below.

Nomy Lamm & The Need
“The Powerstation”
4 of Disks (Power)

71-4 of Disks

The Transfused is Olympia’s great transgendered punk rock opera.
Created by Nomy Lamm & The Need, with Emily Stern
in the millennial-mad summer of 2000 in which Time magazine dubbedd Olympia
“the hippest town in the west”.

This visionary almosterpiece
was presented at Olympia’s historic Capitol Theater for two weeks
that those who experienced it will never forget.

Andras Jones created the role of Ze, a recruit in the army that oversees the heroic “Transfused” for “The Corporation” in the dystopian future imagined by this production.

Synchronistically, Emily Stern took her nickname “Spider” from the character Linnea Quigley played in Andras Jones’ first leading role in film as Calvin in “Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama“.

For more on the archetype of the spider in Andras Jones’ work, check out Sync-Filmmaker Will Morgan’s 3-part series at Andras Jones’ IMDB video page.

Please share your question and interpretation below.

Andras Jones & The Mona Reels
“Drink Up (Tomorrow We’re Through)”
10 of Swords (Ruin)

67-10 of Swords

The Ruin of the 10 of Swords is brought to us by Andras Jones
with “Drink Up (Tomorrow We’re Through)”.

This song was written by Andras Jones for Willie Wisely on March 20th, 2003,
the day the US began bombing Iraq for the second time.

This demo was recorded in Olympia in April of the same year
with Peter David Connelly (The Bangs, The Mona Reels),
Jon Merithew (The Noses, C Average),
& Chad Austinson (The Previous, Sandman).

Then Willie Wisely turned it into this.

Please share your question and interpretation below.

Andras Jones
“Politics Will Get You Gigs”
6 of Swords (Science)

63-6 of Swords

The Science of the 6 of Swords is
“Politics Will Get You Gigs” by Andras Jones
performed live at a benefit for The Backstage Action Committee
at The Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington on August 28, 1998
with, among others, Engine 54,
Love Is Laughter,
Dub Narcotic Sound System,
Mary Lou Lord,
Rebecca Pearcy,
Miranda July with Zac Love,
C Average
& Unwound.

Politics is a kind of science.

Please share your question and interpretation below.

Ralph Covert
“Be So Wrong”
5 of Swords (Defeat)

62-5 of Swords

62-ralph covert-birthday
Ralph Covert brings us the 5 of Swords.

Ralph was the leader of Chicago’s, The Bad Examples.

This majestic song of Defeat is from his first solo CD, released in 1997.

Ralph (and his “World”) appeared on R8BKids
on Alternative Talk 1150AM in Seattle
on September 26th, 2008.

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