Radio8Ball rolls into 2017 with Viggo Mortensen, Veda Hille, Lisa Wilcox & The Hard Way


It seems I’m always working on several Radio8Ball Shows at once; editing the last one, deep in pre-production on the current episode, and keeping my eye out for the guest or venue for the next one. Luckily, synchronicity transcends time and space. It’s all now, man.

The simple act of asking a question, picking a song at random and exploring the connections between the two is more than just a quirky little concept for a game show. It’s calisthenics for a part of our minds that we must develop if we are to transcend the ignorance that keeps us separate and fumbling in the dark on the precipice of destruction. Synchronicity pierces the temporal illusion, illuminating the role each of us has to play in the evolution of consciousness. In times of peace and ease the exploration of sync is a joyful past time. In an age of rising fascism it is a precious connection to the electric and immutable truths that cannot be altered to fit a corrupt narrative. You can’t fake or program the sync and only a fool would try.


I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the edit of Episode 4 of R8B Season Zero, featuring Olympia’s The Hard Way and celebrity guest Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5). This event was part of the 2016 Olympia Sync Summit last August and I hope to begin releasing the first of 8 segments in mid February. It was a profound event that now seems like it happened in a very different world. The show features thoughtful questions from Nomy Lamm (Sins Invalid, The Transfused), Vince Ynzunza (Pacific Northweird) and other intrepid syncronauts who engaged the Pop Oracle for your pleasure and their own. For those who aren’t familiar with The Hard Way, this will be a perfect introduction to their vocal and instrumental virtuosity, and to the genius of their lead singer and songwriter Scott Taylor. Longtime fans of Radio8Ball will need no introduction to Scott who has been a regular contributor to the show as a guest on the radio show, the live stage production, and as a member of The Radio8Band. He also has several songs in our online oracle. The Hard Way’s performance at this show is, I’m told, the best document of them live onstage yet so if you’re a fan, this is going to be a real treat.


In the mean time we are gearing up for a very intimate Episode 5 with musical guest Veda Hille and celebrity guest Viggo Mortensen on Feb. 22, 2017. That’s Episode V with Viggo & Veda. Fun, right? Viggo, requires no introduction. His iconic roles are too many to mention. He’s up for an Oscar this year for his role in “Captain Fantastic”. See it! Veda, like Scott, is a veteran of many Radio8Ball shows and so should be familiar to our audience. If she isn’t she certainly will be after this show. This episode will be filmed in Apartment Eye with no audience but the cameras and crew. Aside from Viggo’s question and my own, the participants engaging The Pop Oracle will be individuals who have expressed the desire and willingness to go as deep as possible with their question and the interpretation. If you are going to be in Olympia, Washington on that date and wish to be a part of this show please reach out to me directly at theradio8ballshow-at-gmail-dot-com.

Season Zero – Episode Three
Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy
& David Ury

Filmed on September 23rd, 2015 at Obsidian in Olympia.
Released in June of 2016.

For this episode Andras Jones rejoins the show as host, bringing to an end the brief Andy Shmushkin experiment. It was fun while it lasted.

Chris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy returns to Radio8Ball backed by The Radio8Band featuring Scott Taylor and Skyler Blake (The Hard Way) and Chad Austinson (Chelan).

Our celebrity guest is Olympia’s own David Ury. David may not be as famous as some of our previous celebrities but you’ll probably recognize him if you watch movies and TV. That’s part of what makes a great character actor. They’re sneaky that way.

If you are following our evolution in Season Zero you may notice that we have expanded and deepened our focus to include the experiences of our guests and host in the wake of the event.

It’s a bumpy ride to say the least.

We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors Little General Food Shop, Last Word Books & Press, Oly Bungalows, Salon Refu, Hot Toddy, Druid’s Knook, Gravity Beer Market, Three Magnets Brewing Co., Olyphant Art & Media, Washington Center For The Performing Arts, Harlequin Productions, Capitol Florist, West Central Park Project, Olympia Federal Savings, Pizza Rocks, Symbiotic Cycles, Wisp Adornments, Fertile Ground Guesthouse, The Brotherhood Tavern & Sync Book Press.

Radio8Ball with Sandman & David Ury at Obsidian a huge success!

On September 23rd we filmed the most recent Radio8Ball Show featuring the music of Chris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy, with support from The Radio8Band (Scott Taylor, Skyler Blake & Chad Austinson). The show also featured a sync film by Will Morgan about our celebrity guest, actor David Ury and 6 great questions from our audience.

For this event each audience member represented a local sponsor. The sponsors whose representatives who were chosen were Symbiotic Cycles, Olyphant Art Supply, Last Word Books and Salon Refu. In a sense you could say that they won Radio8Ball. These businesses will be heavily featured in the final edit of the show.

We owe a huge debt of thanks to all of our participating sponsors, not just the lucky winners. Without these local supporters of art and synchronicity this show would never have happened. Thank you Little General Store, Oly Bungalows, Hot Toddy, Druid’s Knook, Gravity Beer Market, Three Magnets Brewing Co., The Washington Center For The Performing Arts, Harlequin Productions, Capitol Florists, The West Central Park Project, Olympia Federal Savings, Pizza Rocks, Symbiotic Cycles, Fertile Ground Guesthouse, Wisp Adornments, Sylvie Sovina & The Brotherhood Tavern.

R8B20150923-02-ForUploadAndras Jones & Sandman

R8B20150923-04-ForUploadSandman & The Radio8Band (Scott Taylor, Chad Austinson & Skyler Blake)

R8B20150923-05-ForUploadDaniel Cherniske of Symbiotic Cycles displays his 8-Ching card from Sylvie Sovina’s deck.

R8B20150923-14-ForUploadChris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy

R8B20150923-16-ForUploadDion Jardine representing Olyphant Art Supply

R8B20150923-07-ForUploadSandman on fire!

R8B20150923-17-ForUploadDana Cole experiences the power of The Pop Oracle on behalf of Last Word Books

R8B20150923-08-ForUploadSandman delivers the goods.

R8B20150923-10-ForUploadChristie Tran from Olyphant Art Supply with Andras Jones

R8B20150923-11-ForUploadSandman and his guitar

R8B20150923-12-ForUploadSky Crosby of Last Word Books

R8B20150923-18-ForUploadSandman and Skyler laughing

R8B20150923-13-ForUploadTrudes from Salon Refu laughs in the face of The Pop Oracle

Will Morgan’s Sync Film about David Ury

R8B20150923-15-ForUpload& The Radio8Band

Photos by Christopher Kirk

Sandman headlines R8B in September…with 8 new sponsors

R8B-Owl Front_OBSIDIAN-small for web
The next live taping of The Radio8Ball Show will be on September 23rd at Obsidian in Olympia with Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy as our musical guest. He will be backed by The Radio8Band (featuring Scott Taylor & Chad Austinson).

We are very excited to announce or second 8 of 32 sponsors for the show. Joining our first 8 (Little General Food Shop, Last Word Books & Press, Oly Bungalows, Salon Refu, Hot Toddy, Druid’s Nook, Gravity Beer Market & Three Magnets Brewing Co.) will be…

09-OlyphantOlyphant Art Supplies is downtown Olympia’s premier art supplier with a new location 119 5th Ave SE.

TheCenterLogo-web-resEveryone knows The Washington Center For The Performing Arts is Olympia’s finest venue for traveling shows and performances.

11-Harlequin_logo_tileHarlequin Productions presents stimulating and enriching theatrical experiences by producing an eclectic season of new works, “buried treasures” and unconventional treatments of classics year-round.

12-Capitol FloristsCapitol Florist has been a fixture of downtown Olympia for decades providing exceptional floral design available for delivery throughout Thurston County.

WestCentralParkProjectThe West Central Park Project is an exciting new development at the corner of Harrison & Division; a pedestrian park envisioned as a community art space and garden.

14-OlympiaFederalSavingsLogo300x219Olympia Federal Savings is a financial institution that has been serving the good people of Olympia, and supporting art projects like our, since 1906.

15-PizzaRocksPizza Rocks is a festival vendor specializing in stone-fired pizza and precious crystal stones.

16-Symbiotic CyclesSymbiotic Cycles is an Aquaponics design, installation, and consultation company working to bring renewable and accessible food production systems to the forefront of food security and community building.


There are only 16 sponsorship spots left and they are going fast. If you have a business or project that would benefit from promotion and networking please contact the production using the contact form on this website.

Radio8Ball announces 8 new sponsors!

In preparation for the next live filming of the Radio8Ball show in Olympia we are building a team of participating sponsors who will be funding the show AND representing Olympia as the audience at the event.

There are 32 sponsorship opportunities and we are happy to announce that the FIRST 8 are now confirmed.

They are…

little-general-logo-176Little General Food Shop

Little General Food Shop is downtown Olympia’s premier boutique grocer, featuring lots of locally produced products.

Now they can add synchronicity to their inventory.

Last Word Header Smaller 176+
Last Word Books

Last Word Books is one of Olympia’s coolest bookstores carrying many titles from Sync Book Press,
including Andras Jones’ book, “Accidental Initiations”.

Oly Bungalows

Oly Bungalows provides affordable, private and cozy lodgings
for local and international visitors to the birthplace of The Pop Oracle.

Salon Refu

Salon Refu (located across from The Broho) is a local art gallery
featuring the finest local artists in a respectful environment.

Currently dark and re-opening on April 24th 2015 with a show from Nathan Barnes.


hott toddy-web-logo-176+
Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy, as all the well-dressed women of Oly know, is our downtown fashion nexus
and we can only hope that their influence will make our whimsical little synchronicity show
that much
more elegant.

Druid's Knook_n-176
Druid’s Knook

Druid’s Knook is our kind of place,
providing Olympia with all manner of divinatory tools and supplies
for the magickally inclined.


Gravity Beer Market

Olympia is a beer town and nobody provides a wider or more refined selection of beers, ciders and mead than Gravity Beer Market.
Growlers welcome.

Three Magnets Brewing Co

By this point everyone in Olympia knows that 3 Magnets is churning out some of the finest beers for local consumption.

We aim to let the world know

We are honored to have these local businesses as a part of our show and encourage all R8B fans to support them. I look forward to adding more groovy local businesses to this endeavor of creating Radio8Ball as a TV/web series filmed in Olympia.

If you know of any local Olympia/northwest businesses that would benefit from greater promotion and an opportunity to engage The Pop Oracle please send them our way.

The date and time for the next R8B show are still TBD but it will take place at Obsidian in Olympia, and we are already talking with some great artists about participating.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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