Best Of Radio8Ball: MOSE ALLISON on February 5, 2009 with Susan B. Jones, Morty Coyle & Pippi Bernstein

This Best of R8B episode was recorded on February 5, 2009 with the great MOSE ALLISON.

Mose is one of the most influential songwriters of the latter 20th century. His songs have been covered by Elvis Costello (“Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy”), Van Morrison (“I Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing”), The Who (“Young Man Blues”) and many more. Having Mose on the show made me wish it was more of an interview format. I could have asked him lots of questions but that’s not how the show works. Mose was there to assist with the musical divinations that resulted from our guests questions. And for this very special episode we had some extra special guests.

The first question came from the person who introduced me to the music of Mose Allison, my mother, SUSAN B. JONES. The next question came from MORTY COYLE, an underground Hollywood legend that I’ve been friends with ever since the early 90’s when his band, The iMposters, used to share stages with my band Mr. Jones & The Previous. Next up we had another Hollywood “inside-outer”, PIPPI BERNSTEIN, and finally, I got to ask my own question.

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