Best Of Radio8Ball on KAOS Podcast – February 1, 2005B

This R8Best Of on KAOS episode features the music of…

Jon Brion,
The Kinetics (Bart Davenport),
The Zombies,
The Grays
& The Wondermints

This is the second part of a quintessential R8B on KAOS episode.

Recorded on February 1st, 2005.

Lots of calls from all over Olympia (and the world) on a beautiful night (in Olympia).

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Mary Lou Lord
“Throng Of Blowtown”
9 of Disks (Gain)

76-9 of Disks


“The Throng of Blowtown”
was Written and Performed by Mary Lou Lord
with Jon Brion performing on the track

she scares up the 9 of Disks,
and the concept of Gain.

Mary Lou Lord,
who released records for both Kill Rock Stars and WORK Records,
made her name transforming street corners
into concert halls where the money rains.

Mary Lou and Andras have shared a few street corners and stages
over the years.

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Jon Brion
“I Believe She’s Lying”
8 of Wands (Swiftness)

45-8 of Wands


Jon Brion brings us the swiftness of the 8 of Wands with
“I Believe She’s Lying” from his “Meaningless” CD

Jon Brion is someone every music fan should be familiar with.
Aside from being a masterful musician, songwriter, producer and performer, he’s just so damned fast.


45-Jon Brion-Meaningless2

Watching him build a song before your eyes onstage is something to behold.

Jon has yet to appear on Radio8Ball.

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Aimee Mann & Jon Brion
“Nobody Does It Better”


11-Nobody Does It Better
Aimee Mann & Jon Brion
channel the Lust/Strength card.
No erotic artistic coupling has yielded this much musical pop art since…
the last time you fell in love

This classic Marvin Hamlisch/Carol Bayer-Saeger theme
to 1977’s “The Spy Who Loved Me”,
originally performed by Carly Simon
was produced by modern Bond music maestro, David Arnold.

Jon and Aimee perform “That’s Just What You Are”
on The Jon Stewart Show in 1995.

We would have one
or both
or all
of them on our show
anytime, anywhere, anyhow
(with Carly Simon as our Skype In guest?).

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