The Rise of The Pop Oracle

Nearly twenty years in the making, Radio8Ball is on the verge of being more fully realized than ever this fall.

Beginning in SEPTEMBER we will be releasing a daily podcast for Feral Audio. Every day we’ll drop one musical divination. The first batch is from The Radio8Vault and includes guests like Tig Notaro, Pamela Adlon, John Trudell, Jimmy Webb, Ralph Metzner, Ethan Gold, Natasha Legerro, Anya Marina, Lili Haydn, Recess Monkey and Dino Stamatopoulos.

Dino asked a killer question on May 5th, 2012 when he Skyped into a Radio8Ball Show we did at The Olympia Music Awards at The Capitol Theater. It’s going to be our first podcast, along with his answer from Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy aka Chris Sand.

That episode from the vault will be followed by our first new Pop Oracle for Feral, featuring Dino as the musical guest performing songs from his band Sorry About Everything. We’ll be recording this episode on August 8th at Starburns Industries in Burbank.

The songs Dino records on the show on August 8, 2017 will go into the new R8B App along with about a thousand other tracks recorded on Radio8Ball over the years and when the App is available in September (with our new website) you’ll be able to engage The Pop Oracle the way I’ve wanted you to for a long time. Playing and working with it while it’s in development has been a real joy. So much great music. It’s full of stars!

Starburns Industries produces “Rick & Morty” and “Harmon Quest” and “Harmontown” and they did the Charlie Kaufman film “Anomalisa” and a bunch of other great stuff. They’re smart and funny and fucked up and angry and I have loved them as a fan for years. The idea of doing Radio8Ball down the hall from where Louis CK and Albert Brooks are collaborating with Dino on a new animated series, and the Yacht Rock guys are doing their own podcast, and so much other cool stuff I don’t even know about yet is happening, well, it feels like I’m going to work at the Abbey Road of comedy.

If you’ve been following along all these years, I hope you’ll hang on for the ride.

Please join our PATREON campaign. For $8 a month you will be entered in a monthly drawing to ask a question on the show (and get other cool stuff). As of this writing we have two subscribers so your odds of being chosen to ask a question at one of the three shows we’ll be taping on the 8th, 9th and 10th of this month are pretty good. The first podcasts are the ones people always check out so if you’ve got something powerful to share now’s your chance.

Thank you for your Attention and your INtentions.

Presently Yours,
Andras Jones

Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 12th, 2007 with Central Services, Dino Stamatopoulos & Andy Dick

On July 12th, 2007  Central Services were the musical guests on Radio8Ball. Andy Dick (News Radio, The Ben Stiller Show) was scheduled to be the musical guest but we couldn’t reach him, so at the last minute we invited his old comedy partner (and friend of the show) Dino Stamatopoulos (Community, Moral Orel) to fill in for him, and we had a great time. Andy did eventually show up and it’s always fun to hear the two of them riff.


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Andy Dick
“Good Luck With That”
The Devil

15-The Devil

The Devil is a very misunderstood card.

He represents masculine procreative energy
and a wicked sense of humor.

Andy Dick is our personal Devil card,
a man whose phallic nature is reflected in his name…
and his life.

This is a song he wrote with Andras Jones about seducing “straight” men in bathrooms.



From Andras Jones:

I met Andy in 1988 through Anthony Rapp with whom I had just worked on the film “Far From Home”. They knew each other from Chicago.

Andy was living in an apartment near the Scientology center in LA with his young wife and child. When they moved back to Chicago he stayed on my couch for months.

I was in the original Circus of Freaks with Anthony, Andy & Dino Stamatopoulos.

One of my proudest moments.



Over the years Andy’s has ripped me off,
claimed credit for my work,
publicly insulted me,
and physically abused me.

I still consider him one of my best friends.

Such is The Devil’s talent.


Writing “with” Andy Dick pretty much meant following him around with a guitar
and turning his daily devolution from morning health freak to afternoon wino to nocturnal erotic pac man,
into “writing sessions”.

These sessions yielded songs I would later record at Willie Wisely’s studio in Laurel Canyon.

Andy would come in once the song was done, and sing on these tracks.

At his best, which is rarely, Andy is a comic genius.
I call him the “comic monster”.

He is also one of the most expressive pure rock singers I’ve ever worked with.

Writing with Andy in Hollywood
felt like working with the guy Jim Morrison wished he could get away with being,
in the same neighborhood.

Most of these songs ended up on Andy’s CD “The Darkest Day of The Year
or in his feature film directorial debut “Danny Roane: First Time Director“.

Despite writing the songs, co-producing the tracks, and lining up most of the musicians, I was never credited.

This is what happens when you work for The Devil…

…you get fucked.

If you’re lucky (and I was) you enjoy every minute of it.

Dick&TheBitchesOnCorolla-530647From left to right: Adam Carolla (and the Bitches of The Century)
Mike Ruekberg, Ryan Dapple-Perez, Lisa Jenio, Andy Dick, Andras Jones & Willie Wisely

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The Oly Music Awards
with Sandman:The Rappin’ Cowboy
& Dino Stamatopoulos
in Olympia, Washington

Four years after KAOS 89.3 FM removed Radio8Ball from Olympia’s airwaves, KAOS fundraising coordinator, John Ford (who has claimed the reason for our removal from our Tuesday 6 to 8pm slot was that we were “unpopular” and “not very good”), found himself synchronistically forced to give Radio8Ball an award, at The Capitol Theater, for being both popular (our award category “Experimental Music” was voted on by fans) and good (well, that’s just obvious).

After the awards, we put on an abbreviated Pop Oracle at The Capitol Theater with Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy and Dino Stamatopoulos (via Skype). Dino had just been killed. As “Star Burns” in the show “Community”. He’s the guy Dan Harmon hired as a “consultant” and, based upon Dino’s previous credits (Moral Oral, Mr. Show and many other impossibly great shows) and the show “Community” became, it looks to all hip comedy geeks as if Dino was hired to keep it dangerous i.e. not awful, and he pretty much succeeded.

This R8B show took place on the eve of Dan Harmon’s being fired from “Community” making him the meta messiah of that particular moment. Removing Harmon  as head of a show that made very little sense with him and absolutely NO sense without him, made little sense and Harmon was eventually brought back. Dino knows none of this when he asks about it here.

Sandman, of course, is Radio8Ball’s favorite songwriter. He’s been on the show more than anyone.

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