R8B February 6th, 2016 with Anya Marina & Amber Nash, Sam Morill, Maya Kroth, and Michael Halloran

On February 6, 2016 Radio8Ball welcomed back Anya Marina as our musical guest, with questions from actress/producer Amber Nash (“Archer”, “Hart of America”), comedian Sam Morill, journalist Maya Kroth and legendary broadcaster Michael Halloran.

Anya was in town in support of her new CD, “Paper Plane” and Andras was, once again, in dire need of The Pop Oracle’s council. As soulful and spooky as it was, there were a ton of laughs, which is a lot, since laughs are the least heavy thing on the planet.


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Best Of Radio8Ball on KAOS Podcast – February 1, 2005A

This R8Best Of on KAOS episode features the music of…

Rickie Lee Jones,
The Moore Brothers,
Randy Kaplan,
Anya Marina,
Rickie Lee Jones,
& The Kinks

This is a quintessential R8B on KAOS episode.

Recorded on February 1st, 2005.

Lots of calls from all over Olympia (and the world) on a beautiful night (in Olympia).

Stay tuned for part 2, which takes it to the next level.

Feel free to leave your own interpretations below.

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“Christmas Cunnilingus”
Knight of Cups

26-Knight of Cups

26-Shmushkin Cover
Andy Shmushkin embodies The Knight of Cups
in this devotional song written
for his never-released National Lampoon album
Total Fucking Bullshit.

Written by Andras Jones & Andy Shmushkin
Produced by Andras Jones & Willie Wisely

Andy Shmushkin on acoustic guitar and vocals
Anya Marina on backing vocals
Willie Wisely on everything else

Video directed by Shawn Geer.
Featuring Anya Marina, Ric Borelli, David Ury, Craig “X” Rubin and illustrious others.

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Anya Marina
“Another Think Coming”
Princess of Wands

25-Princess of Wands

Anya Marina slays the tiger
as the embodiment of the Princess of Wands,
performing this song live on Radio8Ball
on KAOS in Olympia
on February 21st, 2006.

You may recognize Anya
from Andy Shmushkin’s
Christmas Cunnilingus” video.

Andy Shmushkin
wrote a song about Anya.

Please share your question and interpretation below.

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