Best of R8B on 1150AM from February 15th, 2008 with Abra Moore

As part of Radio8Ball’s collaboration with Sarathan Records we welcomed one of their favorite artists, Abra Moore, to engage The Pop Oracle with our listeners. As is so often the case when we don’t pick the artist they were way more than we could have hoped or imagined.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from January 18th, 2008 with Alyse Black

2008 begins with Alyse Black, a jazz singer-songwriter who grew up and honed her craft in Seattle. At the time of this show, Alyse was on the verge of heading south to Austin, Texas where she has since made something of a name for herself. Like all engagements with The Pop Oracle this episode reveals more upon re-listening than it initially did at the time.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from December 21st, 2007 with Dream Date, Eden Sky & Andy Dick

For the solstice of 2007 Radio8Ball welcomed San Francisco’s  Dream Date as our musical guest with regular contributor to the show, Eden Sky and comic provocateur, Andy Dick. It was Andy’s birthday and he was in great spirits. Eden Sky was, as always, insightful and Dream Date were what we have come to expect quirky, adorable and oh so good.


Dream Date - R8B20090603- Live3
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Best of R8B on 1150AM from December 14th, 2007 with Eastern Sunz & Kimberlee Auerbach

Seattle hip-hop artists Eastern Sunz joined hos Andras Jones and author Kimberlee Auerbach for deep and jovial exploration of, among other topics, “Black Snake Moan” and FOX News (where Kimberlee once worked).


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from November 30th, 2007 WTO 8th Anniversary with Casey Neill & Erika Kaye

On the 8th anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle, Radio8Ball hosted a special episode with activists and WTO veterans, singer-songwriter Casey Neill & Erika Kaye. R8B host Andras Jones was also at WTO, and together these 3 take a little trip down memory lane to the last great protest of the 20th century.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from October 18th, 2007 with Hans York, Eden Sky & Veronica Monet

On October 18th, 2007 (the day Joey Bishop died) our musical guest was Hans York whose songs were the oracle fodder for questions from two very wise and powerful women who have made several appearances on Radio8Ball but never together before this. Eden Sky is a natural time visionary and Veronica Monet is an author, activist and historian who was in Seattle to discuss the history of sacred prostitution. Their conversation went deep fast and stayed there.

Follow the bubbles.

 veronica monetVeronica Monet

Eden Sky with Mr. Synchronicity

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from September 13th, 2007 with musical guest Jon Auer

Jon Auer of The Posies returned to Radio8Ball on September 13, 2007 for a series of questions from some of our favorite guests from other shows, including songwriters Scott Taylor, Willie Wisely, Mike Ruekberg, and Robyn Lynn Thoren. Willie, Mike and Robyn are all from Minneapolis and you’ll notice a Minnesotan theme running through this show. Funny how that works.

Here’s the setlist:

1. Lady Sweet
2. Dream All Day
3. Four Letter Word
4. Swinging Party
5. Wicked World

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from August 30th, 2007 with Dr. Ralph Metzner

Dr. Ralph Metzner was one of the original rogue academics at Harvard in the 60’s who, with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, unleashed the psychedelic revolution. His work as an academic and author has explored (among other things) the phenomenons of shamanism, oracles and global healing from the wounds of genocide. Here he joins Andras Jones for a communion with The Pop Oracle, using the good doctor’s own music as the oracle fodder.

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from August 2nd, 2007 with Jim Page & housing activist Joe Martin

Jim Page is one of the great Seattle songwriters and it was an honor to have him in the studio as the Blue Angels buzzed the city on August 2nd, 2007. We were joined by Jim’s friend, housing activist Joe Martin. The syncs are off the charts on this one.

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 26th, 2007 with Scott Taylor & Eden Sky of

On July 26th, 2007 Scott Taylor of Olympia’s The Hard Way was the musical guest and Eden Sky of joined the proceedings to discuss the “Day Out Of Time”. The concept of natural time is certainly complimentary and kindred with synchronicity, as this episode made perfectly clear.

R8B_Sky, Eden

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Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 12th, 2007 with Central Services, Dino Stamatopoulos & Andy Dick

On July 12th, 2007  Central Services were the musical guests on Radio8Ball. Andy Dick (News Radio, The Ben Stiller Show) was scheduled to be the musical guest but we couldn’t reach him, so at the last minute we invited his old comedy partner (and friend of the show) Dino Stamatopoulos (Community, Moral Orel) to fill in for him, and we had a great time. Andy did eventually show up and it’s always fun to hear the two of them riff.


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Best of R8B on 1150AM from July 5th, 2007 with Essie Jane & Daniel Pinchbeck

On July 5th, 2007  songwriter Essie Jane and author Daniel Pinchbeck join Andras Jones for Radio8Ball on Alternative Talk 1150AM.

This was just our second episode on the AM airwaves so it was nice to have a couple of veterans from the KAOS show.

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JIMMY WEBB on Radio8Ball: February 02, 2015 with Lisa Jenio, Chris “Sandman” Sand & Julie Christensen

We have a brand new Radio8Ball broadcast featuring songwriting great Jimmy Webb.



Jimmy was on his way to Seattle to perform at Jazz Alley and agreed to join us for an hour of musical divination. Our first new radio show in over a year. At first Jimmy was skeptical of the format but he quickly warmed to it and the stories began to flow. Harry Nilsson, Carole Kaye, Johnny Cash, Richard Harris, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Linda Rondstadt. Jimmy’s worked and played with all of ’em.

Listening back to this episode just a couple of days after recording it, there are so many wonderful syncs that never get mentioned on the show.

I am tempted to share them here. Instead I’ll just give you some information that will help you contextualize it so you might catch my syncs, as well as your own.

Jimmy Webb’s birthday is August 15th.

In his book “Tunesmith”, Jimmy compares the writing of a song to the building of a house.

My mother’s name is Susan and my father’s name is Richard.

Julie Christensen’s first singing gig in LA was with Fred Tackett.

And here are the 8 songs in our Jimmy Webb Pop Oracle deck:

1. Sleepin’ In The Daytime (from “Words & Music” – 1970)
2. Paper Cup (by The 5th Dimension – 1967)
3. PF Sloan (from “Words & Music” – 1970)
4. Wichita Lineman (from “Ten Easy Pieces” – 1996)
5. Galveston (from “Letters” – 1971)
6. Just Like Marilyn (by Julie Christensen – 2004)
7. Highwayman (by Sandman w/Calvin Johnson, Giles O’Dell & Andras Jones – 2008)
8. Once Before I Die (from “Words & Music – 1970)

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Best Of Radio8Ball: MOSE ALLISON on February 5, 2009 with Susan B. Jones, Morty Coyle & Pippi Bernstein

This Best of R8B episode was recorded on February 5, 2009 with the great MOSE ALLISON.

Mose is one of the most influential songwriters of the latter 20th century. His songs have been covered by Elvis Costello (“Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy”), Van Morrison (“I Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing”), The Who (“Young Man Blues”) and many more. Having Mose on the show made me wish it was more of an interview format. I could have asked him lots of questions but that’s not how the show works. Mose was there to assist with the musical divinations that resulted from our guests questions. And for this very special episode we had some extra special guests.

The first question came from the person who introduced me to the music of Mose Allison, my mother, SUSAN B. JONES. The next question came from MORTY COYLE, an underground Hollywood legend that I’ve been friends with ever since the early 90’s when his band, The iMposters, used to share stages with my band Mr. Jones & The Previous. Next up we had another Hollywood “inside-outer”, PIPPI BERNSTEIN, and finally, I got to ask my own question.

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Ralph Covert
“Be So Wrong”
5 of Swords (Defeat)

62-5 of Swords

62-ralph covert-birthday
Ralph Covert brings us the 5 of Swords.

Ralph was the leader of Chicago’s, The Bad Examples.

This majestic song of Defeat is from his first solo CD, released in 1997.

Ralph (and his “World”) appeared on R8BKids
on Alternative Talk 1150AM in Seattle
on September 26th, 2008.

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