JIMMY WEBB on Radio8Ball: February 02, 2015 with Lisa Jenio, Chris “Sandman” Sand & Julie Christensen

We have a brand new Radio8Ball broadcast featuring songwriting great Jimmy Webb.



Jimmy was on his way to Seattle to perform at Jazz Alley and agreed to join us for an hour of musical divination. Our first new radio show in over a year. At first Jimmy was skeptical of the format but he quickly warmed to it and the stories began to flow. Harry Nilsson, Carole Kaye, Johnny Cash, Richard Harris, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Linda Rondstadt. Jimmy’s worked and played with all of ’em.

Listening back to this episode just a couple of days after recording it, there are so many wonderful syncs that never get mentioned on the show.

I am tempted to share them here. Instead I’ll just give you some information that will help you contextualize it so you might catch my syncs, as well as your own.

Jimmy Webb’s birthday is August 15th.

In his book “Tunesmith”, Jimmy compares the writing of a song to the building of a house.

My mother’s name is Susan and my father’s name is Richard.

Julie Christensen’s first singing gig in LA was with Fred Tackett.

And here are the 8 songs in our Jimmy Webb Pop Oracle deck:

1. Sleepin’ In The Daytime (from “Words & Music” – 1970)
2. Paper Cup (by The 5th Dimension – 1967)
3. PF Sloan (from “Words & Music” – 1970)
4. Wichita Lineman (from “Ten Easy Pieces” – 1996)
5. Galveston (from “Letters” – 1971)
6. Just Like Marilyn (by Julie Christensen – 2004)
7. Highwayman (by Sandman w/Calvin Johnson, Giles O’Dell & Andras Jones – 2008)
8. Once Before I Die (from “Words & Music – 1970)

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  1. Here’s the song from Mary Lou Lord that inspired my opening question.


  2. As so often happens, I felt like my question didn’t really get an answer, in the traditional sense. That’s my job as the host, but when I’m the questioner, things tend to get more fluid.

    “Whatever happened to Carole Kaye?” did get answered with an invaluable digression into Jimmy’s relationship with probably my favorite singer/songwriter (along with Lowell George); Harry Nilsson. Which I take as a kind of answer in itself. Harry and Carole and PF Sloan all live forever in this precious place in my musical life that is tied to a remembered childhood purity that Jimmy’s song evokes.

    But I am REALLY curious to know what other people’s interpretations are. Clearly, Carol Kaye is probably only a Google search away.

  3. Andras, are you referring to Carole King? Because, to my knowledge, Carole Kay (session musician) did not sing. Thanks in advance for clarifying.

    • Oh, never mind, sorry…Yes, your question about Carole Kaye, session musician. She has a very informative, detailed website. Google…you will find her! 🙂

  4. This podcast is right up there with your “Patricia Arquette & The Janks on The Radio8Ball Show”.
    Great stuff.

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