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  1. Today’s Pop Oracle song of the day was chosen during the recording of Sync Book Radio’s flagship interview podcast, 42 Minutes.

    In particular, It was the answer to Douglas Bolles’ question, “What are the secret teachings of Kabballah” and it offered plenty of insight there, but what about for the day?

    Chris Sand just told me that 2014 was the year of the break-up. That’s not how I remember it but, according to him, this is a fact corroborated by Twitter.

    For me, this song is about the impending end of my 10 day fast. Today is Day 9 and tomorrow I will be breaking (up with) it. There is a clarity I’m enjoying that I will miss when my stomach goes back to work. There’s even a line in the song (“I don’t think they ever eat”) that is particular relevant in this regard.

    Yep, That’s how I’m going to take it.

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