Josh Clayton-Felt
7 of Swords (Futility)

64-7 of Swords


Josh Clayton-Felt of the bands School Of Fish & The Boon embodies the spirit of Futility
with his song “Time”, written for the film “That Thing You Do”.
The song wasn’t used in the film
and in January 2000, Josh passed away, felled by cancer.

Josh is remembered fondly by those who loved him and his music.

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  1. Pop Oracle Song of the Day: 01/22/15

    Josh Clayton-Felt delivers his Who tribute for “That thing You Do”, a song called “Time” that holds the space of FUTILITY (7 of Swords) in our deck.

    Gotta say, the last few days have had an air of futility. I am neither deterred nor discourage, just a bit hobbled perhaps. This week has been the 17th anniversary of Josh’s death. Never an easy time. I love this song though.

    If this is a song for you remember that the grand illusion of time provides both the cure for momentary futilities and the ultimate of example of the futility of it all. May we all meet these realities with grace.

    “I can not pretend that I don’t see the ground”.

  2. I’d like to see the lyrics to all of these songs – sometimes I am not able to distinguish the exact words or phrases. Lyrics printed somewhere on the page would really help – particularly since this is a type of READING!

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