1. Pretty sweet. Also, not abject. Way to go.

  2. Q: what is my biggest setback right now

    Holy crap… I had two questions before this–why do my loved ones hate on me so hard (queen of wands) and how can I stay true to myself (ace of swords)

    Greedily came back for a third and received this beautiful song. I say ‘holy crap’ because I’m part native Hawaiian. I only learned of ho’oponopono last year, during hardcore awakening studies, and despite being raised with traditional native influence.

    My family has struggled for many generations. Broken, dysfunctional, histories of tragedy and abuse–like many. (every?) For years I’ve felt the push-pull of pursuing my dreams and desires, versus being what others seemingly want from me…to keep the ‘peace’. I know my ancestors experienced this deeply as well.

    This song/card tells me to let go. It’s my ancestors whispering ‘aloha’. To trust, reset, have faith, feel blessed. Forgiveness is not my strong suit–especially forgiving generations of pain, forgiving myself..but it is the key. And I perhaps wouldn’t have felt that if it was any other tune.

    Mahalo, much love-

  3. OK. Got it. Happy Birthday, almost.

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