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  1. Pop Oracle song of the day for February 4th, 2015.

    Recorded live on The Radio8Ball Show​ on KAOS back in 2007, Scott Taylor​ delivers a lesser known Paul McCartney song, “Too Much Rain”, as the 4 of Cups in our Pop Oracle tarot..

    Here on Day 10 of my 10 day fast I’m feeling an incredible sense of luxury. Much as I want to eat, this clarity is pretty sweet. Like the abundant rain in Olympia (and in the song) it’s one of life’s less obvious blessings. And of course, a privileged one. Hunger can be transformative when it’s a choice. Otherwise, as many of us know (some much better than others) it’s just a brutal imposition on one’s humanity.

    How did I get here? Forgive me. I’ve been editing the new R8B Podcast with Jimmy Webb for two nights and I’m a little sleep, as well as food, deprived.

    You’ve got to learn to laugh.

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