Dan Bern
9 of Wands (Strength)

46-9 of Wands

Boardwalk around Capital Lake in Olympia, Washington, USA
Dan Bern brings the Strength of the 9 of Wands to life with “Lake”
performed live on Radio8Ball on KAOS 89.3 FM on September 27, 2005.

Dan visited Olympia that week, hung out at a cheap hotel and wrote for several days.
At least a couple of the songs written at The Golden Gavel ended up on his “New American Language” CD
(which featured The Previous rhythm section of Colin Mahoney and Brian Schey).

We don’t know how many other times Dan performed this song but on this night in September
it burned up the studio.

Dan has been a regular contributor to Radio8Ball since it began.

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  1. Today’s Pop Oracle song of the day from The Radio8Ball Show​…

    Dan Bern​ wrote this song while staying on the banks of the vortex-filled lake featured in my book, “Accidental Initiations”. He was burning as bright as ever that week. His 8 songs that night on Radio8Ball on KAOS (from which this recording is taken) were almost all new ones, written that week. It was an impressive display of songwriting strength.

    In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, STRENGTH is located at the throat chakra and represents the balance between mercy and severity. I believe the singing voice to be the the truest expression of this consciousness, and the great singing songwriters to be masters of this domain.

    Now I need some fresh air…

    “Meet me by the lake”

  2. Sounds like me! Which is the perfect lead in to my peosrnal favorite “Well behaved women rarely make history”. Words to live by, my friend, words to live by.

  3. Dan Bern- A shiny Star of David.

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