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  1. Pop Oracle song of the day, January 24th, 2015.

    RACHEL RIES performs “The Luckiest One” on Radio8Ball when we were on KAOS.

    VICTORY (6 of Wands) is the card in our musical tarot.

    Well, the toothache is gone. Thanks to the prescription from Danielle Simbeck of peppermint, cinnamon, sage and clove (in a tea rinse) and some cool tooth powder I got at my downstair neighbors, Radiance. Radiance, for those who aren’t familiar with Olympia, is a hyper righteous mama store that would likely never carry my book but, damn, I’m glad to have their herbs and salves and incense and Nikki McClure cards that my own mother loves so much, as well as all those wise crones and maidens to advise me in their use. All just one minute away.

    I’m the luckiest one.

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