Kelsie Love
“Live For Today”
Princess of Cups

29-Princess of Cups

29-Kelsie Love

Kelsie Love
wrote and recorded this song
with Andras Jones
when she was 16 years old.

Kelsie is now Olivia Love,
of Mosquito Hawk and The Radio8Band.

she embodies the youthful feminine Princess of Cups.

Kelsie Love – Vocals
Andras Jones – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Veda Hille – Piano
John Nason – Electric Guitar
Carl Dexter – Bass Guitar
Chad Austinson – Drums

Written by Andras Jones & Kelsie Love
Produced by Carl Dexter & Andras Jones

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  1. 11/25/14
    Though I felt strongly that knew the “answer” for myself, I decided to ask the Pop Oracle “Should Darren Wilson have been indicted?” . . . This song was the answer

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