Andras Jones & The Need
“Child Of Destiny”
Prince of Wands

24-Prince of Wands

2000-07-transfused-art-photos1aLike the Prince of Wands,
Andras Jones explodes in
Child of Destiny
from The Transfused.

The Transfused is
Olympia’s great transgendered punk rock opera.
Created by Nomy Lamm & The Need,
with Emily Stern
in the millennial-mad summer of 2000
in which Time Magazine called Olympia
“the hippest town in the west”.

This visionary almosterpiece
was presented
at The Capitol Theater.

Andras Jones created the role of Ze.

A recruit in the army,
Ze oversees the heroic “Transfused”
for “The Corporation”
in the dystopian future
imagined by this production.

Child of Destiny is Ze’s love song to his commander,
played by Emily “Spider” Stern.

Emily Stern took her nickname
from the character Linnea Quigley played
in Andras Jones’ first leading role in
Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama“.

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